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  3rd June 2015
Sorry for being so tardy with the updates for LTSSAC website.
The next meeting now updated just two weeks before the date :-(

Ian Boniface - from John Tythe:-
Some sad news I’m afraid.
Ian Boniface’s wife Pamela has just telephoned me with the news that Ian passed away last Saturday, 2nd May, aged 82.
His funeral will take place on 27th May at Eltham Crematorium, Crown Woods Way, London SE9 2NL at 11.45.
If you can attend, Pamela would be pleased to see you. She would also be happy to receive telephone calls, should you wish to contact her. 01322 662161. Her home address is: 39 Main Road, Hextable, Swanley, Kent BR8 7RB
She has requested that you do not send flowers, but if you wish, you may make a donation to
Ian was the largest benefactor of Dave’s Gen and to date, the contributor of the largest submission for publication ( see DG Feb 2015). He will be sadly missed.
It is unlikely that I will be able to attend the funeral, but if I am able to I will.
If you know of people who do not receive Dave’s Gen, but knew Ian, could you let them know please.

26th Oct 2014
October 2014 Dave's Gen uploaded - Thanks John.
September 2014 attendees at the pub updated

22 March 2014
March 2014 pub attendees added.

19th March 2014

Bill Sargeant
Born 22/11/1913 RIP 14/3/2014

Les Knightson’s comment about my father-in-law ‘Bill Sarge’  was much appreciated by him and the family 
and the well thumbed copy that I have in my hand now is proof as to how often he looked at it when 
he had the odd moment.
Sadly, I have to report that William Arthur Sargeant - born November 22 1914 died last Friday morning 
March 14 2014 in the home that he and Sarah bought way back in late 1937.
He was very proud to be 99 not out and that throughout his very long retirement he managed to retain maximum 
independence -  albeit with regular visits from daughter Jane and son John and his three times a day carer Michelle.
He loved the regular contact from old colleagues  and the way in which Dave’s Gen kept him in touch
Thank you….

28th Feb 2014
February 2014 Dave's Gen uploaded - Thanks John.

21 February 2014. Sorry again for the delay in getting the site updated.

I Branch members that won't be signing in again

David Charles Eyre aka Dave Eyre

RIP 21st November 2013. Service at Eltham on 2nd December 2013.
His colleagues, Alan Williams, Steve Dickens, Roger Glover, Malcolm Biscoe, Karl Easthorpe and Alan Medley attended the toutching service.

Harry Hudson.

RIP Jan 2014, Age 94, Bishops Stortford.

From Tom Raitt

Harry Hudson, formerly level 3 in QAD at Old Street and responsible for QA
of submarine cable operations, died last week at the age of 94 at his home
at 49 Lower Park Crescent, Bishops Stortford CM23 3PU.  His funeral is on
Thursday 13th February at Holy Trinity Church, Bishops Stortford at 12.30pm.
Harry's wife Doris died in 2010 and he has been looked after since then by
his daughter Denise.  Her telephone number is 01279 656415.

 People who might want to know this news include Jim Pyle, Alan Williams,
Phil Tomlins and others of that era.  I am no longer in touch with any of
them.  I have sent this note to John Tythe in the hope that he might be able
to spread the word.

 You probably don't remember me because I had a relatively short involvement
with LTS and I retired in 1984.

Kind regards
Tom Raitt

Colin Baker

RIP 29 Jan 2014, Coventry.

From Alan Williams

Some years ago I was to share the stage with Colin at Savoy Place (IEE's HQ
on London's Embankment). As was often the case with Colin, he arrived after
the start and hence there was no opportunity to finally check our script and
the acetate sheets that he was responsible for. Colin was there in his SME
role, I was representing BTI in the role of the Customer to a major UK
manufacturer. Colin climbed on stage, all of a fluster, sweating, tie undone
etc. As a pair we didn't inspire too much confidence. Our pitch was finally
undone when Colin put his slides on the overhead projector only to find that
they were covered in boot prints. He explained this claiming that he had
missed his train from Coventry and the reserved seat that went with it.
Catching the next available train he had to stand in a crowded corridor and
it was there that while sorting through the slides he dropped them. Any of
you that remember using them will know that they slide all over the place,
these under the feet of the passengers in the train's corridor. Totally
unperturbed he carried on with his presentation, the fact that the audience
couldn't read them didn't seem to matter to him. Obviously it didn't do him
too much harm as he carried on in his elected position as a  SME officer for
years after.

Not certain about Colin's age, I had the feeling that he'd joined BT at
about the same time as me and I'm now 71.

Another one of BTQA's 'specials' passes. Good to have known him  

18th November 2013
The October 2013 edition of Dave's Gen added - JT, Sorry for the delay in uploading RG.
September Pub atendees added.

7th Mar 2013
February 2013 Dave's Gen uploaded - Thanks John.

13th December 2012 - Albion attendees added.

24th Oct 2012
October 2012 Dave's Gen uploaded - Thanks John.

30th Sept 2012
From John Tythe - (Delayed reporting here - My fault RG)
I’ve had a letter from Ian Torrance informing me of the death of Stan (Buzz) Billett on 13th July 2012, just a few weeks after his 83rd birthday. If you could add him to the signing off sheet please.

24th Apr 2012
Len Bovingdon RIP - e-mail from Mel Ellis
Thanks have spoken to Len's wife Jean, after your call, and Len was not at all well; in fact he'd been going downhill for about four years. She indicated to me that he'd stopped doing anything and just watched the TV. He collapsed about three weeks ago and became unconscious and was subsequently rushed to hospital and placed in intensive care. A brain scan showed he had a clot, but I think Jean really means a tumour that was removed but he did not regain consciousness. After five days in the intensive care unit it was decide to switch off the support and he died the following day Thursday 19th April.
Sorry for the gory details but you'll be asked so best you know.
Sad, sad day as another old Studd Streetian meets his maker.
Mel Ellis

Len moved fron signing-on to signing-off sheet. R.I.P. (R.G.)

6th Mar 2012
Message from the daughter in law of B. McCormack, saying that he died 14 years ago.
From: Ruth Somerville - Please could you delete me from your list. Sadly Ralph died last year having lived with an unusual degenerative neurological condition for about 13 years. Latterly I would read Dave’s Gen to him – which he always enjoyed.
And also...
Peter West - His wife Eleanor, phoned to pass on the news that Pete passed away in June 2010, after long illness.
All have now been sadly added to signing off sheet.

4th Mar 2012 Ron Nunn and Aubrey Walker added to signing off sheet
Feb '12 Dave's Gen added.

8th Jan 2012 Dennis Laing added to signing off sheet
A couple of images of Dave (Smiler) Stanford on the welcome page.

4th Jan 2012 Vic Ware added to signing off sheet.
Ian Ransome added to list at the the December meet-up (my bad - RG).

3nd Jan 2012 John Fineburg and Dave Stanford funeral service details added.
Update list for the the December meet-up.

2nd Jan 2012 (Big) John Fineburg and Dave (Smiler) Stanford added to signing off sheet.
Apologies for not updating the December meet-up - my list is here - somewhere.

22 Oct 2011 October '11 Dave's Gen added - Thanks John.

21 Oct 2011 Jeff Meters added to signing-on sheet - Dave's Gen to be added soon.

2nd Sept 2011 Dave Eyre's e-mail changed, as requested, on signing-on sheet.
Also the list of those at the White Swan in June has been corrected as I found my notebook. Why are lost items always in the last place one looks? [Grin]
I'm sorry that the 'Next meet' date was late in being published. I had updated the file here but must have had a 'brain fart' and forgot to upload it.
Nurse! Is it time for my pills?

8th Aug 2011 Norman Lawrence added to signing-on sheet.
Also a list of those at the White Swan in June

5th Mar 2011 Roy Thurgood added to signing off-sheet. (Via. John Tythe from Roy's cousin/administrator. Update 7th Mar - If anyone wants to make contact, both John and I have his e-mail address)

18th Feb 2011 Feb '11 Dave's Gen added (PDF) This version differs from the mailed version as it has the list of those attending the Dec 2010 meet-up (Thanks John.)

16th Feb 2011 Frank Kehoe added to signing off-sheet. (Via. John Tythe from Franks wife)

12th Feb 2011 Brian Phillips added to signing off-sheet. (Via. Dave Coles and Mike Petrie)

16th Dec 2010 List of those at the White Swan in December.
John Tythe's first Dave's Gen added (PDF)

26th Sept 2010 List of those at the White Swan in September.
John Tythe's contact infomation added - (the new Dave's Gen editor)

28th June 2010 List of those at the White Swan in June.
Also added was what I think was the list at March's meet-up. Please mail me if you think this is incorrect.
Doug Fairhurst delivered more of Dave's photo's - some dating from the 1930s. I'll get them up onto the site when I can.
John Tythe collected the mailing list and other documents from Dave's archive after I received them from Doug Fairhurst.

1st May 2010 Dave's service report added.
Steve Jackson sadly Signed off 29 Nov 2009.

17th April 2010 Dave's service of rememberance details added.

12th April 2010 News of Dave's passing.
'Dave F - RIP' page added - 13th April '10

February 2010 Dave's Gen added - 20th February '10

Dennis Isaacs added to signing on sheet 25th Jan '10

Chris Broome-Smith R.I.P - added 30th October '09

October 2009 Dave's Gen - added 4th October '09

August 2009 Ray Munden added to signing on sheet.

June 2009 Graham Hill added to signing on sheet (as he's finally left BT)
'Register' called of those at the June White Swan meet - 19 June '09

February 2009 Frank Collard - signed off
John Bloomfield added to signing on sheet - 25th February '09

February 2009 Dave's Gen added - 6th February '09

October 2008 Dave's Gen added - 27th October '08
Please note: The December meeting will be on the 11th - Not as stated in the original printed version of the Gen

BT Factories book ad's added to welcome page- 3rd October '08

Two 'new' images sent in by Neil Caldecourt - 24th August '08
Mick Cakebread added to Signing on sheet
Picture of Norman Froggett and Dick Dunn. (Now a working link)
Norman Froggett - Signed off

February 2008 Dave's Gen added - 8th February '08
Pam Schroder - Signed off
Mike Tamblin - Signed off

Phil Jones e-mail changed.
Brian Conroy e-mail added.
'Two Hills finally meet' from Dave Eyre (Picture gallery. Pub) - 24th Jan '08

The Pub list Dec '07 and new faces added in 'Seen at the Pub'.
Move to the White Swan announced. - 17th December '07

Paul Reid added to signing on sheet - 23rd November '07

October 2007 Dave's Gen added - 18th October '07

February 2007 Dave's Gen added - 2nd February '07

History of QAD Draft2 Mike Petrie (Articles) - 29th Jan'07
The Inspector and the Bolts (Articles) - 29th Jan'07
LTS/I Branch Organisation Chart c.1955 - jpg ~2MByte (Articles) - 29th Jan'07

Photo's sent in by Mike Bettenson added - 13th Jan'07

Mike Ashwell added to 'Signing on' - 6th Jan'07

'At the Pub' updated. David Williams added to 'Signing on'. Joe Malloy moved from 'Signing on' to 'Signing off'. The Gen '06 menu entry corrected, Thanks JT. - 15th Dec'06

Norman Froggett added to signing on sheet - 11th Dec '06

Sam Hawkins added to signing on sheet - 9th Dec '06

Roger Pye added to signing on sheet - 30th Nov '06

October 2006 Dave's Gen added.
Sorry but it's in .pdf format this time, as the hard copy I received through the post confused me. What's in this file is displayed as printed. - 23rd October '06

'At the Pub' attended in September - 22nd Sept '06

John Knight 1939 - 2006 RIP - 18th Sept '06

'At the Pub' attended in June - 18th June '06

Some LMS pictures sent in by Glynn Taylor (Picture Gallery) - 27th April '06

Obit for John Towler and Alan Medley - 24th March '06

'At the Pub' attended in March - 17th March '06

February 2006 Dave's Gen added - 11th February '06

'At the Pub' attended in Dec '05 added also, picture gallery 'Seen at the Pub' updated - 9th December'05

October 2005 Dave's Gen added - 16th October '05

Pictures from the Class of 56, 48 year reunion - 18 Mar '05

February 2005 Dave's Gen added - 16 Feb '05

Pictures from a 'scope lab' in Studd St. - just before its move to Enfield in '87, also some info as to what's happening there now - 16 Feb '05



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