Sent in by Peter Key

I've just come across the negatives for these pictures that were taken in Studd St. and Pete Gardner was in charge of the oscilloscope group QA2347. I thought you might like to have copies.

Peter Gardner in the new QA2347 on the second floor

Les King

Dave Fairhurst
(This must have been taken in '86/'87 -Fulcrum tape but still at Studd St - R.G.)

Our cleaner - John Easby

Also attached is the picture below - this was taken at the new-new Enfield factory at 71 Bilton Way.
From left to right it shows Nigel Chidwick and Richard Peake, both "factories" people and Ray Martin and Roger Hoy. Roger retired a couple of weeks after this was taken at the end of September 2003. He went on to do a gardening course at Capel Manor one day a week, but since then we have heard nothing from him.

This picture was taken in the much more cramped conditions of the new building not long after we had moved in.
Management are now looking for more space and seem to be seriously considering building a mezzanine floor above us while we work!

There are only a few of us 'originals' left now, working at Enfields 'A Novo UK' site. Along with myself, there is Ray Martin, who now works only 2 days a week since reaching 60 a few months ago, Les King and George Geohagen. All the other 'Studd Street Boys' either left voluntarily or hung on until redundancy struck in August 2003.
Dave Williams, who was the last from my year to remain, left about three years ago after he found the love of his life through the internet and went to live in Montana in the USA to be with her. He is now a professional photographer. You can see his work on
(Suggest starting at - R.G)

It would be interesting to find out what has happened to the others who left before retirement age.
I saw Peter Skelton a while back when he visited us during our take-on of 3Coms repair work. Some of their staff joined us when 3Com contracted out the repair work to us. I remember them saying at the time that they had to take a significant pay cut to join us - not like the good old days when we worked for BT and were better off than nearly everybody else.

When we were having a clear out in preparation for the move to the new building I rescued a couple of copies of the IPOEE Associate Section London Centre journal from Jan and Dec 1959. Quite interesting to read, there might be some articles you would like to re-print on the web site. Some time in the future I might get round to scanning them.

That's all I have for now, If I find anything else I'll let you know.

(Thanks very much Pete for the info about Enfield and the pictures - RG 16 Feb '05)

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