Some LMS photo's sent in by Glynn Taylor

  Back Row:-
Pam Schroder, Trevor Ford, Peter Stroyan, Greg Peters, Bob Appleton, Tony Connell, Glynn Taylor, Simon Wooley, Peter Mann, Bob Lloyd, Nora Gillingham, Doug Cannon, John Maynard, Janet Eletheriou, Steve Haigh, Bob Ashby, Derek Jackson, Jim Glass, Barbara Harding, Mark Parry, Tony McSweeny, Mike Ferro, Riaz Dar, Dennis Fisk, Ian South.


Third row:-
Clerical Lady (?name), Mrs T, Alma Blyde, Peggy Nolan, Ivy, Frances, Rose, Sylvia.
Second row:-
Mike Savva, Don Watson, Eileen Borroff, John Harrison, Aubrey Walker, Eric King.
Front row:-
Sue Stockton, Dave Stockton, Paul Norris, Steve Ruston, Dave Ferguson, Dave Abbott, Steve Turner, Roy Gillingham, Bob Wilson.



David Varney colour matching



David Varney in the Textiles lab



David Varney in Textiles lab



Greg Peters, Bob Lloyd and David Varney in the Textiles lab



Ivy and Bob Appleton



View of the Moulded Plastics lab



Mark Parry doing thermal gravimetric analysis



OHG headquarters



Paints lab



Plotter used with the DSC and TGA



Glynn Taylor in the resins test lab






Steve Ruston



Steve Ruston in Paints lab



Water distillation unit, designed by Derek Brown



Zwick tensile testing machine



Paints lab



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