Class of '56

Plus 2, 25, and 48years



Bob Taylor, Roger (Dusty) Miller, Roy Shaw, Dave Coles, Mike Petrie, Peter Rollingson
- taken during a Workshop Training Course in (Possibly 1958) - Mike Petrie.



From left to right
Pete Rollingson (Wally, left in 1958 to join BBC), Brian Phillips, Bob Taylor (left to join Marconi in 1962)
Pete Forder, Mike Petrie (EVR 1990), Jim (Derek) Young, Dave Coles, Tom Halsey, John Neal.
Photo taken by Geoff Wigley at The Almeide Pub (I think) at our 25 years Reunion in 1981
of our first joining LTS on 26th August 1956. - Mike Petrie



The photo's below are from Dave Coles
- taken at the Holiday Inn, South Mimms, Nov 2004 at the 48 year reunion

From left to right
Tom Halsey, Peter Rollinson, Pete Forder, Mike Petrie Dereck Young
Roy Shaw, Geoff Wigley, Dave Coles, Brian Phillips, John Bloomfield..



Mike Petrie and Dereck Young



Brian Phillips and John Bloomfield



Pete Forder and Mike Petrie



Tom Halsey, Mike Petrie, Pete Forder and Peter Rollinson



Geoff Wigley



Mike Petrie



Tom Halsey



Pete Rollinson



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