DAVE'S PASSING 9th April 2010

Here are details of the passing of our colleague Dave Fairhurst.

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David Alan Fairhurst

8th September 1936 - 11th April 2010


This is letter written by Douglas (Dave's brother) that was read out during Dave's service.

                                  Remembering David
Dear Dave.
Probably this is the first time that I have ever written to you personally and it saddens me greatly to
have to do this.
I could whte a potted history telling everyone what you got up to over the years, but that would
take an age. I can already hear voices - "get on with it"! So I'm afraid it's only going to be a few
I know that at just aged three what was to become a significant milestone and influence for the rest
of your life took place; that of the beginning of the Second World War. It was not until you were
nearly nine did peace come again. Clearly those experiences of being in the house when a bomb
fell close by; on another occasion your school at Chesterfield Road was hit and a teacher killed;
the horrendous time being evacuated, all left an imprint on you of always being a cautious type.
Despite all that, life later in the prefab became a gentle interlude with visits to cousins Peg and Babs
to watch their telly, day trips to Southend, and playing on the Green (now the A10 dual carriageway!)
The move to Roedean Avenue was to become your home for the next sixty years. You had gained
entry to Latymer School and also 'did' your National Service. The Post Office (later BT) was to
become your life and I know you were well respected there. Little do people know that you were not
only a brilliant technician but were dabbling with computer electronics and computer logic well before
many in this country had heard of the word computer. A testament of this is your passing with
Distinction various Examinations. Your 'traffic lights' experiment is still well remembered! Similarly
your circuit design for my model railway would today put Network Rail to shame!
Hobbies really took hold with your interests in trolleybuses, photography and short wave radio. Few
can boast of being mentioned on radio stations such as Radio Australia and Radio Sweden. You
even won the Easter Competition run by Radio Netherlands. Family history, also took your attention
and you have left a significant legacy with volumes of completed research. Similarly the thousands
of photographs you took of everyday life and transport will, I'm sure, be of great interest to future
generations. I remember travelling with you on the very first Victoria Line tube train; the trips out in
the Land Rover, and, buying that printing machine!
In later years you took up the challenge of keeping in touch with past members of your BT Section
and you producing "Dave's Gen", a Newsletter that has subsequently found its way onto the Internet
and very much appreciated by all.
Finally, I must say a special Thank You, not only from myself but all the close family, for looking
after mum for all those years.
Must dash - (always my famous words!) This time I have an excuse. I know that your niece Freya
is waiting back at home and will be asking "when does the party start?" And, can she have some
Will always be in all our thoughts, 
PS: I must remember to wind back your bus destination blind as it's currently showing "DEPOT".




Web site OK.

I'm gathering up all the Dave's Gen stuff and photos he has on file etc.
It's a bit of a slow process so I don't think I'll be in a position to hand
anything over for a couple of weeks.

The Coroner's Office still haven't released details and no death certificate
has been issued yet.  Hopefully I should know everything by Friday.





Hello again Doug,

Thanks for your mails.

I've added a page to the website to allow others to know the chain of 
events. I'd be pleased if you have a look and let me know if you find it 

> I attach the database that I used to give to Dave
Thanks, the spreadsheet came over ok.

I wonder if you would like to mail the details once the arrangements have 
been made, however, I would help if you so wish.

If there is anyway his colleagues can help, please let me know.

Kindest Regards,




Many thanks for your email.

I'll certainly preserve everything for you regarding the Test Section.  I do
have the mailing list as it was me that produced the labels and held the

Dave's death came as a bit of a shock as it was unexpected.  In fact (I
won't go into a long detail) but I always called round probably 3 or 4 times
a week to make sure he was OK.

I didn't get any reply on Saturday (10th April) afternoon (he wasn't
actually expecting me) so I didn't think much of it.  I did go round just
after lunch on Sunday, but my suspicions were alerted when I saw a newspaper
still in the door.  Although I rang (also used my mobile to ring the house)
I got no reply.  Thinking he was either in the garden shed or was upstairs
with his headphones on (he used to do a bit of Short Wave listening) I went
around the back of the house only to find the milk still on the step.
(Noting that milk was never delivered on a Sunday, it must have been there
from early Saturday morning).

I had the keys to the house for emergencies, but couldn't get in as the
doors were bolted from inside.

That made me fear the worse.

Police and Paramedics were called and I entered the house, only to find Dave
'asleep' in the front room in the armchair.

A death at anytime at home is always a bit of a challenge to deal with, but
on a Sunday it is difficult to organise.  The police, paramedics, and the
on-call doctor were very helpful.  Eventually by 9pm Dave's body had been
removed and the house secured.

However, a death certificate cannot be issued yet, hence I'm in a state of
'limbo' as the Coroner needs to be involved.  I have been advised that they
are very busy at the moment and I probably won't hear anything until late
this week.  Until that time I cannot arrange or advise anybody of what's

It was ironic that I found Dave with pen and paper in hand drafting a
letter.  It was in response to one of the Test Section guys who had only
written to him on the 6th April. I have been in touch with a guy called
"Derek" (Derek Crane - web-ed) from Brecon to pass on the news and to read Dave's draft.  He was
also in contact with a local person called Mike (Mike Faulkner web-ed) of Ponders End and I've
passed on the News.

The conclusion (with other evidence we found) of the police was that he died
late on Friday evening after locking up and prior to him going off to bed.

I know that Dave was OK on the Friday morning as his weekly shopping bill
from Sainsbury's shows Friday mornings date.

I'll be in touch again as soon as I have any further information, but in the
meantime feel free to copy/or/edit anything from this mail and I'll arrange
a future attachment of the database.





Hello Doug,

This is Roger Glover aka webmaster@ltssac.org

I'm so sorry to hear of the passing of Dave in your mail, my condolences go
out to you and the family.

I was at the Islington meeting in March and Dave did seem somewhat vague but
we put it down to him having a cold.

Since arriving back from a weekend away, I've had several phone calls
repeating the news you sent. I'll willingly act as a contact for the web
viewers of Dave's Gen but I'm afraid that I have no snail mail addresses to
who Dave sent his printed publication.

If it is possible to forward the list to me, I'll do my best to circulate to
This really isn't the right time to mention this but I'd ask you to preserve
any documentation that Dave had regarding the London Test Section and
letters, photo's etc. while we try to find someone to continue his good work

As you must be aware, Dave was respected by his ex-colleagues and I'm sure
that some would want to say their last farewells,.so any details will be appreciated

I'll add the contents of your e-mail to the opening page of www.ltssac.org
and subsequently post there, if you wish, details of the service.

I'll add that Dave will be truly missed by all of his ex-colleagues.

With my kindest Regards,

Roger Glover



Could I ask the webmaster to make an announcement regarding the death of my
brother David, the author of "Dave's Gen". David died peacefully at home
over the weekend. As soon as I have any further news, I'll advise. I know
he was quite happy 'Doing the Gen' and looked forward to meeting many of you
at the quarterly get together's in Islington.

Doug Fairhurst


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